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Working in the business and technical field most of my life, I’ve seen many small businesses have amazing dreams only to not succeed because no one knew they existed.  I have always felt the need to help people when I could and I wanted to find a way to help business owners to succeed in their ventures.  My passion is to help and my strength is technology.  I was always interested in building computers and then that turned into websites and eventually when social media was born, learning as much as I could about the social world online.

PurplePatch Innovations was started to do just that.  We have surrounded ourselves with amazing people who are awesome in their fields and we work together to bring our knowledge and passion to help people build their business online.  We know that every business needs to have an online presence now to be able to reach potential customers they wouldn’t find otherwise and that can mean the difference in prospering or closing the doors.

Our focus is to work with and help new or emerging businesses, businesses that are established but do not have an online presence or businesses that want to expand into an online world with their product sales.  We hope to one day be working with you!

Tonya Howe


PurplePatch Innovations, LLC.

According to Phrases.org.uk the meaning of “Purple Patch” is an overly elaborate or effusive piece of writing.  Also, a period of notable success or good luck.


The Origin of 'Purple patches', which are also sometimes called 'purple passages' or 'purple prose', were originally a figurative reference to florid literary passages, added to a text for dramatic effect. They were the literary equivalent of adding a patch of purple material to an otherwise undecorated garment. Purple was chosen because, as well as being a distinctive colour, it was the colour reserved for emperors and other distinguished statesmen in imperial Rome. Most of the early references to 'purple patches' contain clear evidence of classical origins, many of them including Latin text.